Solar Power

Australian Solar Vendor Leverages Billion Solar Data System to Provide Efficiency Monitoring Service for Residential Solar Power Generation

Solar energy generation plays a significant role as a cost-efficient replacement for high utility. Billion’s smart meter and internet gateway enriched the services and the values provided by the Australian solar vendor by completing a 24/7 monitoring solution to instantly monitor the efficiency of solar power generation and detect system failure. Thereby, Australian solar vendor not only largely shortened system repairing process, but also increased customer satisfaction and profits significantly in daily operations.

Location: Australia 
Date: 2015

The Australian solar vendor provided solar installation services for over 15,000 residential users in Australia. As a solar installer, The Australian solar vendor supplied facility installation and maintenance services for residential users. It was difficult to gain real-time control and instant status update of individual solar installations without the hassle of physical manpower inspection. However, they needed measuring and transmitting devices that could collect these solar power data and connect to the back-end cloud. To add values to the company’s current solar installation services, the Australian solar vendor started to develop a cloud computing platform with a primary goal to detect facility failures and provide in-time repairing services.
Our Solutions
Billion offered one SG3015 smart meter and SG6200NXL internet gateway to pair with each solar installation service provided by Power Tracker. Two devices support a diversity of communication protocols, including 3G and ZigBee, etc., to meet different wireless networking environments at multiple households. The Australian solar vendor launched solar power monitoring service at the beginning of 2012, helping old and new customers ensure solar energy generation is working at its optimal level. Through 24/7 monitoring on the efficiency of solar energy generation and tracking daily, monthly and annual solar energy generating activities, the Australian solar vendor provided instant system repairing supports and sent failure notifications to geographically scattered solar installation users. The company then extended the service to offer performance configuration reports that show tips on how users can improve their current solar system.
Our Smart Solar meter Solutions
BEsmart SG6200NXL internet gateway and SG3010 single-phase are showcased on the Australian solar vendor's official website under the “Products” section.
  • Provided on-hand solar system performance index to redefine the value of solar installer.
  • Offered competitive edges to solar installer by upgrading the current solar installation service.
  • Ensured the highest efficiency for solar power generation and scalable, maximum ROI for every solar owner.
  • Created a new community of interests in discussing solar related topics and sharing personal experience.
  • Put efforts into promoting the convenient use of clean, sustainable energy resources.

Billion has distributed over 7,000 sets of smart meters and internet gateway to the Australian solar vendor since 2012. With the additional monitoring service, the Australian solar vendor's income has raised significantly by collecting monthly monitoring fee from solar installation households that lead to substantial, long-term profitable relationships.

Japanese Solar Vendors Improved the Efficiency of Solar Power Generation with Billion Solar Data System

In 2011, the tsunami triggered the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, causing severe power shortages and unequal electricity distributions throughout the whole country. The Japanese government wanted to reduce national energy consumption by encouraging the installation of solar systems. Given the financial supports from the Japanese government, many companies started to invest in the solar-related business. However, since the idea of solar power was suddenly exposed to the public during that time, these companies were short of times on developing their technologies to an advanced, mature stage. Therefore, Billion provided Solar Data System solution that helped solar installers boost the energy efficiency of solar power generations, ease the management of different solar properties, and ensure solar systems are working at their optimal performance.

Location: Tokyo, Japan 
Date: 2013

Our Solutions
Billion Solar Data System, combined front-end measuring meters, Internet gateways, and an intelligent cloud computing platform, offered 24/7 monitoring service to distantly-located solar properties and categorized these resources into individual system profiles. Billion Solar Data system was able to analyze and provide an estimated amount of power that should be generated by calculating the sunlight levels and the weather conditions. The intelligent cloud then organized these data into graphic user interfaces based on the particular days, months, and years. After using the Billion Solar Data System, solar installers were not only able to compare their system performances with the recommended power generation, but also to view whether the system is under or outperforming.
the Billion Solar Data System
Key performance indicator of residential solar power generation. The chart shows the solar power production and traded energy figures on a 5 minutes basis to monitor power generation trends

Key performance indicator of residential solar power generation

Key performance indicator of residential solar power generation

Billion Solar Data System serves as a convenient tool to enhance the productivity of solar power generation and improve the system performance of their assets. Billion Solar Data System also audited the energy consumption of residential communities to avoid potential energy wastes and reduce peak demands.

In this project with the Japanese solar installers, Billion
  • Secured the greatest return on investment by making sure that solar systems are working at their best performance
  • Reduced at least 10%~15% of energy consumption to support the Japanese energy-saving movement
  • Provided energy consumption data to the Japanese government to generate Big Data analysis
  • Encouraged the use of renewables and sustained the natural environments

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