Smart Lighting Control

Create Extraordinary Tomorrows for the Planet and Its People​

We are now in the golden age of the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting us and the city to the fast-growing information and the ever-changing world. We combine lighting control with an intelligent cloud computing platform to form Billion Streetlight Control and Management System - Smart Outdoor LCMS™, the future of lighting management that shines the city with exceptional luminaires and discovers a sea of opportunity for energy conservation. Administrators can largely reduce power consumption and carbon emission by dimming assigned streetlights after midnight or scheduling a particular dimming time. Smart Outdoor LCMS™ allows you to adapt diversely ideal lighting programs for multiple street sites by local sunrise and sunset brightness levels. We provide an extremely convenient platform for administrators to monitor and command a series of complicated, time-sensitive dimming instructions at only one fingertip away. Smart Outdoor LCMS™ represents a revolutionary IoT lighting control system customized for your particular streetlight operational demand.

Automation & Sensory Integration
Switching on, off and dimming makes a big difference in saving power and electricity. Through adjusting brightness by environmental luminance, temperature & humidity, and motion activities, Smart Outdoor LCMS™ can effectively control the streetlight activities by corresponding to different outdoor scenarios. We combine 3G, 4G LTE, and broadband powerline communication to monitor an extensive range of streetlights without distance limitations. The cloud computing platform integrated with complex performance analysis grasps the real-time luminaire status of different streetlights in a configuration report.

Energy-Saving, Better Payback Time
A user-defined scale with ten brightness dimming levels allows administrators to maximize the efficiency of every luminaire effectively. Customizable luminance greatly contributes to the reduction of CO2 and eliminate potential energy dissipation. Smart Outdoor LCMS™ is the remarkable lighting innovation that helps to diminish lighting pollution and to slow down rapid climate change. 

Experience the On-Premise Reliability
Smart Outdoor LCMS™ is a unique lighting monitoring system designed to optimize streetlight operations and traffic management. Reliable street lights brighten the rural roads, urban streets, and freeway, as well as effectively improve driving signage during the middle-of-night in both commercial and residential areas. 24/7 auditing system sends out problem shooting alarms to prevent lighting outages and to protect the safety of our community. Through monitoring streetlight performance 24/7 and delivering immediate facility failure alarms, Smart Outdoor LCMS™ automatically notifies critical power outages, streetlight abnormalities and further prevents traffic incidents from happening.
Move into City Intelligence
Starting from end-point measurement, network transmission to cloud computing analysis, Smart Outdoor LCMS™ represents an important street light management system that can configure streetlight performance in a comprehensive profile, indicating detailed lighting status with guaranteed data accuracy. The city can now remotely set appropriate dimming schedules in an alignment with energy consumption reports and oversee the operation of individual streetlight fixtures.
A Sustainable, Safe Future
Through connecting the existing lighting control system to the groundbreaking IoT technology, the city not only can drastically reduce manpower and maintenance costs, but also save up to 70 % of energy consumption per year. We also enhance the traffic management for rural roads, urban streets, and industrial pave with improved visibility to protect drivers’ safety.

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