Smart HVAC


Shaping the Future of HVAC Control

Your regulatory utility costs matter us. After several years of research and consultancy with thousands of clients, we find that what is consuming the most electricity in most circumstances is our air-conditioner system. We can solve this problem effortlessly by introducing a responsive, automatic Smart HVAC control system that can adjust your HVAC output based on natural climate, humidity, and motion at your business in real times. 
We get rid of the standard way of HVAC manual control panel by enabling digital communications between wireless sensors and HVAC controllers. Easy to design and install, our wireless controlling technology automatically turns the HVAC off when people leave the room and adjust the HVAC output when the indoor temperature is either too cold or too hot.

And not only just the integration of sensors and controllers, but we also offer advanced features that can ultimately monitor any HVAC system in an explicit profile featuring critical analysis to examine the efficiency and the productivity of HVAC. Knowing when, where, and who use the air-conditioner can help us develop a strategic plan to reduce 
energy wastes and to help your HVAC system achieve its optimal performance.

The Only Wireless Sensor Designed for Smart HVAC System

The IOT (Internet of Things) enables digital and scalable smart control technologies to enable an intelligent HVAC system. Billion Smart Sensors are connected to each HVAC system within a building to collect temperatures, humidity, motion, and energy consumption data. You can configure control profiles of different HVAC types based on different locations needs. Once set, each sensor operates on its own without requiring centralized control to save energy.

One Platform, Three Facility Managements
HVAC, Lighting, and Energy

Billion provides a browser and APP based interface to create profiles and to adjust the setting of the entire HVAC, lighting, and energy management on one single platform. We monitor and analyze the data collected by the sensor networks to enable easy reporting and evaluate the energy saving results for three facilities at once. We can also integrate our sensors, smart energy gateway, and smart meters with a third-party software to complete automation to demand a responsive energy management systems.

Powerful HVAC System Diagnosis

Billion Smart HVAC solution uncovers the places for efficiency improvement with simplicity and easy-to-understand user interfaces at an economical cost. Designed to deliver extraordinary service convenience for your engineers and technicians, we combine our smart meters, Internet gateways, and a browser-based monitoring platform with data-driven Insights to inspect the operational efficiency of different facilities. Billion Smart HVAC solution is most advanced yet also the best performing energy saving solution aiming to boost the productivity of your HVAC system while concurrently minimizing power consumption.

Enjoy Your Aircon Like It is Not Existent  

Not only just energy monitoring, but we also integrate temperature & humidity and motion sensors to deliver digitalize, automatic control over a variety of air conditioners. Especially for hotel rooms, libraries, and public gyms, etc., HVAC is usually the most energy consumed facilities because people tend to forget to turn off the aircon off before exiting the rooms. Smart HVAC can help you prevent this unnecessary energy waste by providing a worry-free air conditioner solution from now to forever. 
Smart Gateway  PIR Sensor Humidity & Temperature Sensor Smart Meter Intelligent IR (Infrared) Controller