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BPL (Broadband Powerline) Solution

 The independence of power line communication allows extremely stable and uninterrupted connectivity with greater service outreach in projecting and installing the communication modules suitable for the large scale of utility networks. Unlike wireless systems, there is no need to worry about signal interruption and limited bandwidth capacity, and this is why we adopt Marvell's broadband powerline chipset to eliminate the environmental and coverage restrictions. Our Smart Grid BPL provides broad bandwidth, strong resilience to signal disruption and is highly flexible to function as a strong auto-repeater. Given the independence of signal reception, BPL enables enhanced meter reading performance together with the routing functionality to achieve an extensive range of signal outreach.

In Billon’s PLC auto-repeating solution, one concentrator can handle up to hundreds of thousands of meters. In wireless systems like radio and Zigbee, the rate of severe signal disruptions caused by random objects (wall, tree, concrete, etc.) and noise is higher than 60%. These wireless technologies also take a prolonged time to resume the transmission and are much unstable and inflexible compared to BPL. BPL auto-repeating network is built collaboratively with repeaters, concentrators, and head-ends; one device bridging after each other offers ultra-connectivity and reliable network infrastructure.

Low Voltage
BPL solution is a low-cost, scalable and secure system that integrates broadband connectivity with the delivery of high-speed data over existing power lines. BiPAC 2104BiPAC 2100and BiPAC 2100N R2 allow users to create a high-speed local area network without new cabling. With this installation, BPL enables Internet connection through existing power line cable; users can directly connect  BiPAC 2104BiPAC 2100and BiPAC 2100N R2 to any electrical socket at their home or office and establish a link to the power line network. The device supports 300Mbps ultra high-speed wireless-N connection.
BiPAC 2100 transfers data over the electric grid from the backbone to the client’s endpoints. BiPAC 2100 can serve as a backhaul channel responsible for collecting and transmitting all data signals to and from BiPAC 2300R2 located at the Data Center directly or BiPAC 2200 repeater located in the middle of a power grid. 


BiPAC 2200 is a broadband PLC communication repeater, which transfers data over the electric grid from the backbone to the customer’s endpoints. BiPAC 2200 PLC repeater can serve as a backhaul channel responsible for collecting and transmitting all data signals to and from BiPAC 2300R2 located in the Data Center. BiPAC 2300 R2 allows easy installations in neighborhoods, single and multi-dwelling units (MDUs), extending an existing internet connection (Fiber, ADSL, Satellite, etc.) over a power line, depending on the customer’s requirements and infrastructure.