Product Details

Billion SG3015-T1

  • 15A Single Phase Smart Energy Meter
The Billion SG3015 series is a cost-effective energy monitoring and management solution deployed in Home Area Networks, solar system, factory, commercial building and warehouse etc. The device allows the users to monitor how much electricity is being used by each individual electronic device so that energy efficiency can be improved.
The Billion SG3015 series can store the measured electricity data and wirelessly communicate this information to a cloud, PC, or mobile phone through a Smart Energy Gateway. The Billion SG3015 series is available in four models according to different types of connector in order to meet users’ electrical environments. The user can measure the energy usage of an air conditioner by plugging it into the Billion SG3015-T1. They also can deploy the Billion SG3015-T3 or the Billion SG3015-T4 in a power cabinet in order to measure and monitor the electrical consumption throughout the entire power circuit.
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Key Features
  • Fully complied with IEEE
  • 802.15.4 ZigBee standard
  • Electricity usage data and other indicator information collection
  • < 0.5% Wh accuracy
  • Power surge protection
  • Compact size
  • Four connector types: T1, T2, T3, and T4
  • Target for:
- Sub-metering service provider
- Residential and office users
- Utility companies
- Solar monitoring
- Commercial building
- Factory
- Warehouse
- ZigBee network system integrator and planners

Remote Control and Energy Management 
Billion SG3015-T1 and SG3015-T2 meters with remote control function enable users to optimize energy management of electrical appliances. The maximum measurement and control current is up to 15A.

Comprehensive Measurement Capability
The Billion SG3015 Series supports comprehensive measurement functions including Active Power (W), Total Accumulated Electricity Consumption (kWh), Interval Electricity Consumption (kWh), Voltage (V), Current (A), Apparent Power (VA), Power Factor (PF), etc. It allows users to capture energy usage statistic for trend analysis and usage profiling, hence save money by shifting their peak demand. 

High Measurement Accuracy
The Billion SG3015 Series is capable of measuring very small power consumption up to 0.001kWh letting user capture every moment of energy loss. Its measurement accuracy is in the range of ± 0.5% (At PF=1.0, at Rated Current).

Power Surgent Projection
(Available for SG3015-T1 and SG3015-T2) 
​With built-in real zero-crossing switch and soft start power surge protection features, the device can protect your electronic appliances from power surges in your electrical system.
Connect Type
Left Power Plug
Right Power Outlet
Watt-hour 0.5% (PF 1.0 Current ranging from 0.5 to 10Amp)
Technical Details
Rated Voltage 100~240V
Rated Current 15A
Communication Interface ZigBee
Power Surge Protection & Relay Yes
Power Consumption Around 1W (Relay off) ~ 1.4W (Relay on)