Brand Story

Defining the Global Leader in the Communication Market with Niche Wins
" By using products with innovative differences to enter high barriers and niche markets, we collaborate with local partners to build stable distribution channels network and to become renowned in the professional fields. Even small brands can still have chances of winning over big corporations ", says Mr.Tim Chen, the Chairman of Billion Electric Co. Ltd.
The "BILLION " brand is well-known in the international markets, including Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Europe, Central and South America, and in other places around the world. We are the first choice of networking communication brand for enterprises, telecom operators, ISP (Internet Service Provider), and consumer in the fields M2M (Machine-to-Machine), 4G/LTE, xDSL (ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL), and FTTH.  Starting its root in 1973, Billion Electric is now a publicly listed company (TAIEX: 3027) and has over 42 years of proven track record in the production of power supplies and transformers. Since 2004, we have been developing the BILLION brand and vigorously expanding our global marketing activities by hosting our dedicated R&D teams and expanding manufacturing plants & business units around the world. Our missions are to provide exceptional, value-added features to broadband network CPE (CPE) with flexible customization service to establish a better-connected world.

It All Begins with a Three People Mafia 
Previously has worked at IBM, Mr. Tim Chen, the Chairman of Billion Electric, decided to return to Billion and establish the Communications Division within the corporation. When seeking for an excellent team dedicated to the R&D of ISDN communication equipment, Tim Chen partnered with the COO of Billion Electric, Mr. Felix Cheng, who previously has worked at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, to  join  venture and create the second spring for the company. When Billion's Communications Division was still at the embryonic stage, a small rental apartment in Hsinchu was the home, laboratory, and the office for three young engineers. The development was going on day-and-night dedicated to the work of ISDN communications product.
When the Windows system was running out a new version, the compatibility between ISDN communications products and PC software requires a high level of technical skills; this group of communication pioneers response with an extraordinary perseverance and determination to develop high-quality ISDN modem products, successfully entering the European and the international telecommunication markets. BILLION name has been ranked among the Asia's top three ISDN modem manufacturers. In 1997, ISDN interface card created by Billion won the German BYTE magazine as the most leading communications product, which continuously opened up the opportunities for Billion to enter into the development of ADSL broadband communications products.

Customer Oriented Service Builds up a Heartmoving Brand 
Since 2000, Billion has begun to invest resources in the R&D and the OEM manufacturing of ADSL broadband network equipment for some of the major networking communication brands. However, Mr. Tim Chen always had a dream, a dream that wishes to print "BILLION" white and blue logo on the company's communications products to win the respect & affirmation as a reliable Taiwanese brand from the rest of the world. Because of this goal,  Mr. Tim Chen recruited elites who used to serve at the foremost foreign and international companies to build its professional sales and marketing teams to strengthen the brand image. From the development of product positioning, marketing strategies, packaging design to the promotional campaign, the dream had finally come true in 2004, when Billion began to sell communications products printed with the BILLION brand to worldwide telecommunications companies around the world. Billion branded communication product have been receiving a lot of projects and cooperation inquiries ever since. 
An excellent, stable product quality, attentive service, and professional after sales support are the three keys for a personal brand to sustain in the international market. The Thai telecommunications company's customer service center has once received a call from a user reporting the failure of BILLION product. Since the local import agents were unable to handle the incident, Billion immediately sent technical support engineers to Thailand to understand the home user's actual situation. After a careful examination, they concluded that it is the local telecommunications line which was problematic, rather than the BILLION router itself. However, this incident moved the heart of BILLION local partner because we showed that no matter how general or small a customer's problem was, Billion would make its utmost effort to resolve any dissatisfaction.  In comparison to most branded manufacturers who do not have what it takes to do so, Mr. Tim Chen remarks, "we are doing global business and delivering great values to each of our partnerships. Precisely, it is the spirit that touches the hearts of our customers and agents. From only the first two and three people working for a small company, we have been growing with BILLIOn and successfully turn it into a hundreds-of-billions-dollar company".

Brand Development with Product Differentiation
BILLION LOGO recognition is reflected by two horizontal lines and the word BILLION; the blue color highlights the spirit of science and technology, in addition to the dot on the arc element that represents the electronic communications totem. This image wants to express the idea of a high-speed train, echoing the Billion's core values: kinetic energy, focus, discipline. This unstoppable train brings these benefits to our clients through continuous innovation and moving forward. By providing the reliable products with operational convenience, diverse functions, and customized services, Billion wants to deliver a professional, bright, vibrant and dynamic image to its telecom operators, enterprise, SOHO, SME, and home users. Through foreseeing into the future, "The Future is Now " slogan is what empowers Billion to innovate and to make its power and network communications products different from other companies, making a clever interpretation of the company's culture.
The most important element to develop a successful "brand" is to provide the product uniqueness to differentiate itself from its competitors. Billion's R & D teams not only have more than decades of commitment to the development of power and network communications products, but also further combine two of its strengths to create a series of Smart City IOT (Internet of Things) solutions, including smart energy management system, smart grid, and intelligent lighting control solutions. Billion continually progresses and successfully integrates its existing hardware with advanced software to provide value-added services and solutions to its existing and future customers.
BILLION products are not only receiving breaking sales records in Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and other places, but also have trumped the IT competitions in international media & magazines praised by editors' recommendation. From the product design, system functionality, and the value-added features, BILLION products have presented an extraordinary performance.  "The Word of Mouth" that generates a cumulative brand image and customer trust is our best marketing strategy to enhance our image. BILLION brand has a high profile in Australia. For three consecutive years, Billion was selected as the most popular ADSL brand since 2006. This honor is a result of the hard work invested by our distributors and business agents in the niche technology markets through the online discussion forum, attracting the majority of the local networking users".

Comprehensive Product Selections with Indefinite Growth Potential
Billion has been continuously growing and expanding its product varieties for the last few decades. In addition to the original ADSL wireless routers, Billion further develops value-added telecommunications services market to meet the demands of our customers. From the introduction of ADSL2+, SHDSL and VDSL2+ modems, E-WAN and 3G/4G LTE broadband routers to the latest M2M (Machine-to-Machine) routers designed for mission critical and vertical markets, Billion is striving to evolve its current solutions to create the next-generation technologies for building a better-connected world. The secret that evokes the significant growth of BILLION's brand performance doesn't solely rely on the steady business operation and the professional products R & D capabilities; the secret also takes in part of the strategic, intimate partnership with flexible and customizable services to build up a long-term cooperation. Going back to the original entrepreneurial efforts and business persistence, these are many reasons why BILLION can win in the niche markets and sustain its growth momentum through excellence.