Product Development

We believe the power of cutting-edge technologies that can grow a successful business and build a better-connected world. Our company is in the fields of Networking Communication, Power Supplies, ensuring continuity of seamless, sustainable manufacturing productions. 

Billion is known for its world-class R&D and high customization capabilities. From drawing product roadmaps, designing features and specifications, to developing customization following the expectations of our clients, our in-house R&D teams work closely with our customers to transform creativity into unrivaled technology innovation for both hardware and software.

Two R&D laboratories are based in Taipei and Hsin-chu in
 Taiwan, and Billion's closed partners are located in Dongguan in China. Our employees work together to meet the quality and the performance of OEM/ODM contracted to manufacture for Billion's OEM/ODM partners from across the globe.

Taipei R&D Team 

Hsinchu R&D Team

  • Emphasis on the excellence of R&D (Research and Development) and the perfection of QC (Quality Control)
  • High-volume manufacturing capacity for contract manufacturing, and  OEM and ODM business
  • Transnational strategic alliances and global partnerships.
  • Highly motivated and empowered employees.
  • Customized and cost-effective solutions with an appealing price-to-performance ratio.
Manufacturing Sites
Taiwan and China
Four Critical Checkpoints for Quality Control
Incoming Quality Control (I.Q.C.)
In-Process Quality Control (I.P.Q.C.)
Final Quality Control (F.Q.C.)
Outgoing Quality Control (O.Q.C.)
International Certifications
  • Quality Management System
    » ISO   9001:2015
  • » IATF 16949:2016
  • Environmental Management System 
    » ISO   14001:2015
  • Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components -PEM
    » IECQ QC080000: 2017