Frozen Food Chain

Billion's A/VDSL embedded 3G/4G LTE VPN routers series deliver secure connectivity solution for 300 retail chain stores

Executive profile
One of the leading frozen food companies in the U.K. has implemented EPoS system which integrates credit card transaction in over 300 retail stores to connect to the head office via an always-on and secure connection to further enhance customer experiences, employee productivity and operation efficiency. Thus, 24/7 internet connectivity and encrypted information transfer between stores and head office are paramount to prevent data loss and customer information leakage. 
The leading frozen food company only had one WAN access interface which was the DSL line set up in chain stores before. However, when the DSL connection failed, data transmission to and from the head office would be interrupted and damaged. Lack of a seamless data and credit card transaction process, the company was looking for a multi-WAN solution (DSL and 3G/4G LTE) to provide an always-on Internet connectivity regardless either the wireless or wired connection was unavailable, as well as VPN functionality to secure transaction data. Since 300 retail stores geographically dispersed throughout the country, the solution was required to adapt with different IPs on both DSL and 3G/4G LTE network in various geography locations with strong signal strength.  

Our Solution
Billion provides A/VDSL embedded 3G/4G LTE VPN routers series, BiPAC 7820NZ7800NZ, and 8920NZ, for each store. Given the challenge of providing seamless information transmission at different retail store locations, including both rural and suburban areas, Billion BiPAC 7820NZ7800NZ, and 8920NZ are embedded with DSL and 3G/4G LTE WAN interfaces, providing an outstanding fallback and failover functionality to enable disaster and data recovery. When the wired connection goes offline, Billion A/VDSL embedded 3G/4G LTE VPN routers will back up the Internet connectivity by switching to 3G/4G LTE WAN interface immediately to make sure the connection is always online.

Meanwhile, Billion A/VDSL embedded 3G/4G LTE VPN routers support multiple VPN protocols, allowing users to establish up to 16 VPN tunnels simultaneously between retail stores and head office in which all the data information will be encrypted and transferred safely."With Billion A/VDSL embedded 3G/4G LTE VPN routers, our retail customers can enjoy the best transaction experience without having to worry about Internet disconnection. Our retail store fallback and failover solutions provide a reliable and consistent data transmission backbone, helping our clients to strengthen their business competitiveness and chain store operation management,"said Ben Chen, Director of Product Communication Division of Billion Electric. 

7800NZ         7820NZ        8920NZ
  • 7800NZ: 3G/4G LTE Embedded ADSL2+ Wireless-N VPN Firewall 
  • 7820NZ: Dual-SIM 3G/4G LTE Embedded ADSL+ Wireless-N VPN Firewall Router. 
  • 8920NZ: Dual-SIM 3G/4G LTE Embedded V/ADSL2+ Wireless-N VPN Firewall Router

Always on connectivity
Uniquely embedded with the DSL and 3G/4G LTE WAN interfaces, Billion A/VDSL integrated 3G/4G LTE VPN routers ensures maximum connectivity and minimum interruption by connecting to 3G/4G LTE network quickly while the DSL connection (Main connection) fails.
Robust VPN features support (IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, GRE and OPEN VPN, etc.)
Billion 3G/4G LTE xDSL VPN router supports embedded IPSec VPN protocol that users can build up to 16 private and encrypted information transmission tunnels over the Internet. With built-in DES/3DES VPN accelerator, Billion A/VDSL embedded 3G/4G LTE VPN routers can significantly enhance the VPN performance.  

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