Kiosk Application

Executive profile
A leading telecommunication company in Central and South America has significantly invested in acquiring 4G/LTE bands to fulfill the needs of the high-speed internet for customers. The company would like to promote and sell 4G/LTE services and products in over 500 Kiosk sales points nationwide to speed up the service and generate revenue. 

Wired connectivity for Kiosk may not be available or easily provisioned in some areas. Kiosk is often relocated to meet the community change, so the lack of flexibility becomes the primary challenge of Kiosk deployment. The company would like to connect Kiosk to an ERP system in head office to transmit transaction data from and to the 500 sales points. Thus, a 24/7 high-security data transmission and stable internet connection are essential. To achieve the goal of building over 500 sales points, the company was looking for a reliable 4G LTE Multi-WAN solution suitable for the Kiosk location that can operate regardless the availability of wired connectivity. VPN connection was also required to secure the business transaction between Kiosk and the head office.

Our Solution
Billion provided BiPAC 4500NZ, 4G/LTE Wireless Failover VPN router, to be installed at each sales point. In case there was no wired connection, Kiosk was able to use the 4G interface of 4500NZ as back up to setup internet connection with 4G/LTE. After the wired connection became available again, BiPAC 4500NZ could connect back to the web-based ERP by using Giga EWAN to provide consistently reliable data transmission services. Besides, BiPAC 4500NZ was capable of building IPSEC VPN tunnels to connect to the head office and all the ERP transaction data via encryption to ensure a secure data transmission is always online. 
During the user application, Billion 4500NZ featured four LAN ports accumulated; two LAN ports were connected to laptops for ERP access, the third LAN port was attached to the signage TV, and the last LAN port supported the operation of the digital printer to fulfill the Kiosk application infrastructure. 4G LTE and Giga EWAN interface design satisfied the operation of high-speed TV signage video streaming and data downloading. 

Billion 4G/LTE router supports both wired and 4G/LTE connection. The network can be setup flexibly whether the wired connection is available or not. Kiosks can be easily relocated to other locations when needed.
High Availability and Redundancy
Billion 4G/LTE routers support multi-WAN connectivity that actively monitors the primary and backup connection to enable automatic failover between Giga EWAN and 4G/LTE. When the primary WAN interface fails, the secondary WAN interface automatically backs up the connection, allowing central WAN interface to restore in time and minimize service interruption.
Highly Secured and Protected
Billion 4G/LTE solution supports IPSEC VPN to build private and encrypted transmission tunnels in which secure information transmission is 
guaranteed between Kiosk office and Headquarter over the public internet.  

“Billion's 4G/LTE product provides flexible and reliable internet solutions, helping us build a seamless Kiosk model and surpass our competitors,” said Product Line Manger at the leading telecommunication company in Central and South America.

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