Optimizing Automation

Serial M2M communication solution for optimizing automation

Executive Summary
For business operation, a tiny detect could lead to the irreversible result.  Aggregating automation technology into the operating system by which a procedure is performed with minimal human assistance could reduce the negligence causes by a human. It also enhances the efficiency and precision of operation. The establishment of the network is one of the key infrastructures for the information/monitoring system. The network is the imperative channel for the user to retrieve information and also served as a bridge between servers and systems.

Serial M2M communication solution for optimizing automation 

Billion M100 In-Advanced Industrial 4G/LTE Router  Solution

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The demand for low latency and reliable secure communication system in certain regions where do not have enough coverage of signal and accession to the internet is relatively high. The maintenance and monitoring management is closely related to the network. High-quality, high-stability networks can improve monitoring performance and risk management capabilities. Especially in the agriculture industry, farmers look for quality surveillance, instant information from the weather station, and VPN accession to pesticide dispenser. As a result, SI is sourcing 4G/LTE solutions to optimize the stability and security of the monitoring system and data processing center in order to prevent the failure of business operation.

The communication device must support Serial communication with MODBUS all over the TCP protocol to transmit data from sensors to the central control console. MODBUS was designed to provide client-server communication between devices such as PLC, HMI, Control Panel, Moto Driver, Card Reader, Meters, I/O device, etc. in different networks on the serial port.

How Product Helped
Billion provides M100, Industrial 4G/LTE Router, to be installed next to SCADA equipment as a data acquisition device and protocol converter. M100 can support SCADA equipment directly from its series port and diminish the need for connected switch between two devices. Meanwhile, M100 supports series communication with MODBUS over the TCP protocol and can deliver the pipeline monitoring data to control center without interruption, allowing the pipeline manager to make crucial decisions and operate more efficiently to meet their specific application needs.

M100 supports IPSec VPN protocols to increase cyber safety. The VPN protocol can dramatically enhance the stability and security of data transmission to prevent data tampering and loss.
Highly secured and protected to establish up to 16 VPN tunnels simultaneously in which all the data will be encrypted
and transfer.

High Availability and Redundancy
M100 supports both GbE EWAN and 4G/LTE wireless connections. Either wired or wireless connection can be setup flexibly to the primary or backup WAN port. M100 monitors the primary and backup connection for fully automated failover. When the primary WAN interface fails, the secondary WAN interface will automatically back up the connection, allowing WAN interface to restore in time and minimize service interruption.

M100 is designed to target mission-critical applications. By using this advanced Industrial 4G/LTE Router, our system integration customers can receive in-time information, make critical decisions, and save significant money from remotely managing the equipment.

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