Green Hills

Executive Profile
Green Hills Companies has been in business since 1952, and began as Green Hills Telephone Corporation. The owners are their patriots. Green Hills Companies is a small, rural services provider offering cutting-edge technology for phone, the internet and video to their subscribers. They were one of the first telephone companies in Missouri to offer a 700MHz solution in 2003-2004 and IPTV video service to their customers in 2005.

Modem management is key to Green Hills’ internet department. TR-069 was not available for them, and their previous bridged setup modems always required truck rolls. BEC was the first routed modem Green Hills used. With the BEC modems, they were able to access every modem remotely, saving enormously on truck rolls. By using the remote management capability on the CPE, they were able to have only their firewall IP address talk to the modems. Therefore, when an internet subscriber called customer support, Green Hills was able to tell the subscriber that the computer had an active connection with the modem, and quickly resolve their problem.

Our Solutions
Green Hills Companies deploys the BEC 5200W 4-Port Wireless modem in all of their subscribers’ homes. They initially squirmed about offering Wi-Fi to their customers, as historically, they requested customers buy their wireless routers to reduce support costs. However, once they were introduced to the 5200W - BiPAC 5500W CPE, and the many ways to manage broadcast and use all its capabilities, they found a way to monetize it. They charge their subscribers a one-time radio activation fee for those who choose to use wireless in their homes. Since their service areas are a hot spot for thunderstorms and lightning, they sometimes had to replace both the modem and router. The 5200W has allowed them to become a one-stop shop and use a single product inside the home.

Charles Erke, Information Systems Manager, answered, “Pricing was good, and support was excellent. They even had an engineer come on-site to get things set upfor us on both the DSLAM and modem side in the early going.” Since DSL was fairly new to them, BEC was able to open up the programming on the modems and assist the technicians in properly conguring them to work with all access platforms set up on their network.

“Pricing was good and support was great. They even had an engineer come on-site to get things setup for us on both the DSLAM and modem side in the early going.” 

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