Associating with UNITEL, Billion BiPAC 5500AX was chosen as high-speed wireless broadband router to empower sustainable business for office and residential users in Mongolia

Executive Profile
As the nation’s second largest ICT company in Mongolia, UNITEL has partnered up with a Chinese leading telecommunication company since 1998. By means of China government initiatives, Mongolia experienced the full enjoyment of new incentive on the communication device to support internet connectivity, particularly in metropolitan areas. To achieve more economic growth with higher wireless performance, UNITEL was vigilantly seeking a substitution for an affordable-yet-powerful wireless router featuring high-speed and wide bandwidth data transmission, targeting office and residential internet users. To cope with that, Billion BiPAC 5500AX successfully serves as the new AP AC1200 router supplier to resolve any critical system failures by massively speeding up browsing experience, expanding wireless coverage and enabling customized software solution service.

UNITEL and China supplier signed a pledge to which China supplied subsidized economic routers to Mongolia to improve nation’s technology communication development. As the treaty’s validity has almost come to an end, UNITEL was purposely looking for a new replacement with the similar specification but more cost-effective home gateway router featuring single band wireless N for ultra-speed internet SOHO users across Ulaanbaatar city, the capital city of Mongolia.

Our Solution
Billion provides a thousand units of BiPAC 5500AX as AP router for SOHO users as an advanced and compact gateway. Featuring one Gigabit WAN and four Gigabit LAN, BiPAC 5500AX supports multiple high bandwidths including 11n (2.4GHz) with wireless speed 300Mbps and 11ac (5GHz) to reach speed 867Mbps. Billion BiPAC 5500AX serves round-the-clock smooth traffic while running a myriad of applications such as large files downloading, interactive online gaming, video Internet calling and HD video streaming at the same time.

Moreover, the built-in NAT default firewall and Internet Access Control securely protect data encryption against any critical security vulnerabilities. Billion BiPAC 5500AX also provides USB 2.0 port to share files via FTP/SAMBA server and stream media server effortlessly through USB storage connection. SOHO users enjoy the top-speed robust internet connectivity with the most accessible price and identical features as the other foremost router providers. 
Billion 5500AX
Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless Broadband Router

Customers are satisfied with the outstanding wireless performance and easy customization software application of Billion BiPAC 5500AX. By deploying Billion BiPAC 5500AX, UNITEL can facilitate end customers with high quality plus competitive market price router as beyond everyone’s expectation.

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