Executive Profile
LigTel Communications overs High-speed internet services throughout Noble & Lagrange counties and in parts of Elkhart, Dekalb, Steuben, Koskisco, and Whitley counties in Indiana. LigTeL Communications also oers -ber to the home, digital television service, and local phone services.

Upon initial deployment, Ligtel began to notice a broad range of issues centered around their original CPE equipment. These items included network instability, coverage limitations, and poor management and monitoring capabilities.

As a 5+ year customer of BEC Technologies reliable 7402 and 5200 Series DSL product lines, Lig Tel looked to BEC for options regarding a stable high-performance 4G/LTE CPE solution. After consultation with Ligtel’s LTE deployment team regarding their product and network requirements, BEC introduced the 6200WZL - BiPAC 4700ZUL 4G/LTE with SX-7 Antenna Technology that can be utilized on Ligtel’s 700MHz LTE and AWS concurrently. During testing, Ligtel and BEC worked closely during the duration of the product evaluation and to develop Ligtel’s specic firmware customization requirements.

Our Solutions
Shortly after deployment of the 6200WZL - BiPAC 4700ZUL 4G/LTE gateway in their network, Ligtel began to notice a 30% decrease in support calls and a measurable increase in customer satisfaction. The 6200WZL coupled with the BEC’s SX-7 Antenna Technology dramatically increased the coverage area by up to 30% and allowing for deployment distances of up to 10 miles from the tower. The stability and performance improvements gained by the 6200WZL, in addition to BEC’s Value Added Services such as direct local support, software customization, forecasted stock and the rapid shipment of a US based headquarters have enabled a continuous, smooth and full LTE deployment. To quote Ligtel’s Internet and Marketing Manager, “We have been very pleased with the performance and ease of use of the BEC LTE Radios. They have allowed us to deploy our LTE network quicker and easier.”

“BEC CPE equipment has allowed us to deploy our LTE network quicker and easier. We have been very pleased with the performance and ease of use of the BEC LTE Radio”

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