Silver Star

Executive Profile
Silver Star Communications was the first telephone company in the lower Star Valley community of Wyoming. It was organized in 1926 and was incorporated in the State of Wyoming in 1948, where Sterling Weber first operated it. In 2010, Silver Star was awarded two broadband grants from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. They are known for significantly advancing the broadband capabilities in the region and improving the reliability of communications in Wyoming.

Wyoming, U.S.

Silver Star Communications was looking for a vendor that would work with a smaller tier 3 carrier since service available in the Star Valley, Wyoming area was very limited with little to no availability for service in its coverage area. Silver Star was able to find one vendor who had their desired product, but was left unsatisfied by the service and its availability. These products also had a long lead time and minimum order requirements, which restricted them from purchasing the product when needed and for the amount they were seeking. Silver Star Communications continued to look for a reliable product that would be readily available in the Star Valley community and found BEC Technologies, who offered them with “better communication and response time.”

Our Solutions
Product-wise, the main needs were to be utilized in a data-only environment compatible with the 700MHz frequency band, referred to as B12, which would also fulfill the speed requirements for their fixed wireless data plan offerings. By selecting the 6200WZL (BiPAC 4700ZULas their 4G LTE broadband router, Silver Star Communications was able to deliver a stable working product to their subscribers, coupled with top-notch customer service.

The ease of installation and dependable service saves Silver Star from losing money, helping them avoid unsought instances, such as truck rolls and poor performance.The 6200WZL (BiPAC 4700ZUL) 4G LTE broadband router delivers broadband access without boundaries for many consumers, businesses and service providers.  There are still many regions not yet covered by the “minimum broadband standard,” defined by the FCC, and in these rural areas, fixed wireless broadband is the ideal broadband deployment technology. With the implementation of this LTE network, in conjunction with the BEC routers, Silver Star Communications has successfully been achieving reliable coverage in rural Star Valley.

"Support staff is knowledgeable and responds in a timely manner" 

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