Billion M2M/IoT Solution

The rigorous rise of M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) has marked a new page in history for the telecommunication industry. The expansion of Internet-connected devices is enormous, and the number connected devices are expected to grow by 35% by the year of 2018. The massive amount of data being generated every second by million of people and machines has become a precious index for international telecom operators, carriers, enterprises, consumer driven business to design their service and products gearing towards the interest of their customers. Leveraging on the enriching pool of Big Data and efficient connectivity, M2M and IOT are aimed to help business in boosting machine productivity, driving sales and building new revenue generating models.
The traditional networking CPEs no longer provide the functionality capability to embrace the shift to the fast moving industrial needs. Therefore, Billion has invested years of R&D resources in developing a series of advanced M2M 4G/LTE routers - Billion M2M/IoT series, designed with critical communication features that emphasize on the superior high-performance, service reliability, and secure connectivity. Tailored to a broad range of vertical applications, ranging from fleet management, smart bus, public safety, oil & gas industry to PoS, Kiosks, and ATM, Billion M2M sereies will prompt exceptional communication efficiency to protect the business asset and service consistency.


What Will We Change?