Public Safety

Public Safety and Ambulance Solution

Emergency Response Management Solution for Ambulance and Public Safety Applications

LTE technology was adopted as the foundation of public safety networks mainly due to its national interoperability and support of a wide variety of broadband applications. Since ambulances and public safety vehicles are arranged for delivering patients with emergency-related illness to hospitals, the capability to provide available medical treatment on the transportation to hospitals is crucial. M500 serves an excellent in-vehicle router collecting and analyzing patients’ inquiry conditions, as well as providing substantial bandwidth to support instant images and video processing. 

Billion M500 provides dual LTE modules, enable in-vehicle WiFi, real-time imaging streaming, and medical data transferring with instant failover capability. Ambulance staff is allowed to examine patient media records, plan driving routes, and communicate with emergency room and fleet dispatchers to allocate the available vehicle resource to resolve emergency scenarios. The dual-Radio supports multi-channel video recording and streaming with always-on, extensive broadband feasibility. Thus, Billion M500 can transmit the images of a patient’s injuries from the ambulance to the emergency room for treatment advice and minimize the gaps of medical care upon arrival at hospitals.  
• Support digital imaging, video streaming, voice, and large data download.
• Enhance emergency responders operations by delivering high-data-rate services to full coverage areas.
• Allow mission-critical information to be exchanged in real-time, anytime, anywhere.
• Achieve database lookups, dispatch messaging, mug shots, video/surveillance feeds, and broadcasting within seconds
• Support rapid boot up and wake-on-call functions.
• Reduce delays and enhance driving safety through the integration of tire pressure monitoring system and forwarded collision warning.

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