Smart Bus

Smart Bus Intelligent In-Vehicle WiFi HotSpot Solution

Bus companies look for reliable Smart Bus solutions that can provide free or pay-for-use WiFi Hotspot service in the moving vehicles and the delivery of driver and vehicle status back to the centralized dispatch center for real-time management. Billion M500 provides an excellent Smart City and Smart Transpotation 4G/LTE router with dual radio and SIM, assisting system integrators in designing an always-on wireless architecture with the advancement of onboard mobile service and HotSpot captive portal. Supporting 10-56V DC power input designed for handling transient voltage and GPS/GLONASS for location tracking, Billion M500 is an industrial-grade, in-vehicle computing router that as passed the European E-Mark (E1) certification with authentication login to enable a Smart Bus experience.

Billion M500 offers OBD and on-line GPS tracking system indicating the geographic locations of scattered vehicles, providing ultra downlink and uplink rate that serve as 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot for passengers to surf the Internet and enjoy instant video streaming on all personal electronic devices. Supporting 4G/LTE real-time streaming for video communications, surveillance, and monitoring, Billion M500 broadens wireless coverage to rough terrains and rural areas and persists unsurpassed connectivity without interruptions 
Billion Smart Bus In Vehicle Solution

Billion M500 features an excellent Smart Bus communication backbone:

Smart Bus In Vehicle Solution
• Dual LTE interfaces enable reliable Internet access for in-vehicle broadband applications
• WiFi hotspot with captive portal offers wireless access in vehicle for passengers
• Ignition sensing controls M500 power on and off and avoids draining the car battery
• Multi-WAN interfaces: Dual SIM/Dual Radio and EWAN for network resilience and reliable connectivity
• Embedded GPS option for real-time asset tracking and location data-based applications 
• Local and Remote Management via Web GUI, SNMP or TR-069
• Hardened enclosure for Industrial-graded components
• Withstand heat, humidity and protect from shock, vibration, etc.

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