12/13/2017 Billion 4G/LTE Outdoor Router Helps to Increase Productivity and Save Time at Construction Site

Limited cellular networks and poor internet signal are found in the isolated area, the construction site for instance, due to the long-distance range of cellular and internet towers. Consequently, it makes owners challenging to do remote monitoring and communication from headquarters to receive the most up-to-date working condition in real-time. Meanwhile, it’s costly and time-consuming to visit on-site repeatedly for regular checking.

To overcome the obstacles, Billion provides 4G/LTE SIM Embedded Outdoor Router-BiPAC 4700 ZUL, delivering reliable internet connectivity with wide-range internet service coverage and outstanding cellular performance. It serves as an ideal solution for transmitting critical data from a construction site in rural areas to the city center.

BiPAC 4700 ZUL supports the latest 4G/LTE fixed wireless network and multiple LTE frequency bands. It serves dual-polarized MIMO antenna with substantial bandwidth to maximize service coverage, improving data transmitting distance and optimize the performance. Meanwhile, the device supports dual-APNs, which can prioritize the bandwidth among applications. Download a large file while having a conference meeting with office headquarter? Not a problem!


With IP67 rated enclosure, BiPAC 4700 ZUL supports water and dust resistance and can ensure wide operating temperature -40°C to 60°C, which is specifically designed for industrial and challenging environments. Meanwhile, BiPAC 4700 ZUL can be easily installed by one person on the poles at any size, walls, chimneys, with an easy-to-use mounting kit inside the package.

BiPAC 4700 ZUL tailors to business owner’s needs by no more delay in the construction process, enhancing workflows and information sharing across multiple buildings. Remote IP cam access, phone/video calling, and extensive data volume transfers are no longer issues. Thus, administrators can remotely monitor the site from sitting at the back-end office with high-speed, secure and seamless internet connectivity. 

Empowering your communication with Billion.