03/09/2017 Billion Watts and SolarEdge a Held Seminar to Introduce Deep Solar Monitoring Solutions


Billion Watts Technologies, the PV string meter and energy management solution provider, collaborated with SolarEdge, the leading provider of solar inverter, power optimizer & PV monitoring, to conduct the “Experiencing Extreme Solar Plant Management and New Era of O&M” Seminar on March 8th. As the authorized distributor of SolarEdge in Taiwan, Billion Watts invited numerous major solar power plant builders, O&M service providers and equipment manufactures to attend the event and introduced the new string-level solar monitoring system-Billion Watts Pixel View, SolarEdge Module-Level Solar Monitoring System, and the real-time O&M service to improve the overall power generation efficiency.


The Professional String-Level Solar Monitoring System

Collaborating with DC String Tandem Meter and Billion Watts Smart Gateway, Pixel View transforms the traditional manual and complicated O&M process into the automatic and flexible procedure by revealing the real-time DC/AC power generation, PR value and efficiency per kilowatt power, and power deficiency caused by shading effect on the cloud computing system. Pixel View is compatible with different brands of solar modules and inverters, which can identify the location of the underperforming solar module and deliver automatic alert for immediate failure detection, description, and status tracking, decreasing the danger of power leakage and electric fire, as well as the cost of inspection and maintenance personnel. Billion Watts also offers one-stop O&M solution covering problem detection and O&M services to help the solar plant achieve the greatest potential and meet all the requirement from different managerial level.  


Introduce Module-Level Solar Monitoring and Optimization Mechanism

As the SolarEdge authorized local agent in Taiwan, Billion Watts establishes comprehensive sales channels and aggressively promotes the high-precision module-level solar monitoring and power generation optimization. Utilizing unique MPPT technology, SolarEdge installs one optimizer under each solar module to track the power efficiency. Based on the collected data, the optimizer will adjust the voltage and current to maximize power generation of each solar module. Meanwhile, the safety mechanism features instant DC Voltage shut down functionality that all the voltage can be reduced to 1V automatically whenever the inverter and power grid are shut down which can prevent the Arc and electricity fire due to the high voltage.  


“General Speaking, the solar monitoring in current solar energy market still stays in the initial data uploading and inverter data collection phase, and there are few technical service providers who can utilize IoT technology to conduct deep solar monitoring. The market lacks a comprehensive O&M SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and doesn’t know the benefits of solar monitoring and optimization that can dramatically decrease the O&M costs and improve the efficiency. Based on years of experience in IoT technology and business development in oversea markets, we launch Pixel View which helps administrator to effortlessly manage the solar plant and improve the overall power generation. Our goal is to become the professional solar plant investor and builder to accomplish 10MW in one year, as well as a solar monitoring system provider and the direct channel of O&M service. We consider Taiwan the main axis to build power plant for POC-Proof of Concept, and further expand to the emerging markets including the Middle East and South East Asia in the near future. “Said Ben Jian, the General Manager of Billion Watts Technologies.