02/23/2016 Verizon Wireless Certifies BEC and Billion 4G LTE Multi-Service Router

 BEC Technologies Inc. and Billion Electric are pleased to announce that they have received Verizon Open Development (OD) Device Certification for their BiPAC 4500VNPZ 4G/LTE Enterprise Multi-Service Router. The BiPAC 4500VNPZ is commercially available for use on Verizon Wireless’ Network in more than 500 markets and available for participating members of Verizon’s LTE in Rural America (LRA) Program, which expands LTE service to rural parts of the country via carrier partners.

Verizon Wireless Open Development (OD) is the company’s program designed to allow and encourage the development community to create new pr
applications, and services beyond what Verizon Wireless offers in its portfolio and bring these to the marketplace on the Verizon Wireless network.“Businesses are dependent on constant and reliable internet connectivity, any downtime can be devastating impacting everything from revenues, reputation and ultimately business viability. The newly certified BiPAC 4500VNPZ provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for enterprise connectivity and business continuity applications,” said D’Andre Ladson, Director of Product Marketing.

BiPAC 4500VNPZ 4G/LTE Enterprise Multi-Service Router offers Dual-WAN interfaces (4G/LTE) and Gigabit Ethernet WAN (EWAN), 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Carrier-class Wi-Fi, Integrated VoIP (Voice over IP), Enterprise routing and Stateful inspection firewall.

Other Product Series Highlights Include:
  • Ubiquitous Cellular Connectivity with Global LTE Band support and 3G/2G Fallback
  • Automatic Failover ensuring High Availability and Network Resilience
  • Multi APN Service Selection and Service Management
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) Framework
  • Integrated VoIP and Advanced Telephony Features
  • Carrier-Grade Wireless LAN with mSSID, hotspot functionality
  • Enterprise Dynamic Routing, SPI Firewall, Secured VPNs, QoS, VLAN and IPv6 support
  • Redundant Power Terminal for optional Battery Backup
  • Supported by BEC’s Cloud-Based device management platform to extend network Visibility and control of devices remotely
  • Industry Certifications: Wi-Fi Alliance and Metaswitch Mosaic Partner 

About BEC Technologies
BEC Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of 3G, 4G/LTE wireless broadband networking solutions for mobile operators, residential, enterprise and Industrial markets. BEC's comprehensive product portfolio of solutions incorporating Fixed Data Routers, VoIP/VoLTE Gateways, Rugged Outdoor, Industrial/M2M Connectivity, Public Safety, Fleet/Telematics andCloud based remote device management. Our solutions are designed for high availability, reliability, and secure connectivity all backed up with class-leading technical service and support.

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