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Billion SG3030S

  • 100A Three Phase RS485 Power Meter
Billion SG3030S series is a cost-effective energy monitoring and management solution deployed in Home Area Networks (HAN), building, solar system and factory energy management. The Billion SG3030 is a ZigBee-based wireless power meter, while the Billion SG3030S is based on RS485 standards. Both meters can help households and building owners monitor power consumption
in real time.
The Billion SG3030S series is a wide range of multiphase line electronic meters that support single-phase three-wire, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire systems. It supports a flexible power supply compatibility of AC 77~520V. User can be able to know the number of phases used and to monitor the status of device via the LED indicators on the front panel easily.
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Key Features
  • Fully complied with IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee standard
  • Electricity usage data and other indicator information collection
  • < 1% Wh accuracy
  • Isolated RS-485 interface
  • Dry contact for external appliance Control
  • Compact size
  • Designed for
  • Building and office users
- Utility companies
- Solar monitoring
- ZigBee network system integrator and planners
- ZigBee end device manufacturers

Comprehensive Measurement Capability 
The Billion SG3030/SG3030S Series supports comprehensive measurement functions including Active Power (W), Total Accumulated Electricity Consumption (kWh), Interval Electricity Consumption (kWh), Voltage (V), Current (A), Apparent Power (VA), Power Factor (PF), etc. It allows users to capture energy usage statistics for trend analysis and usage profiling, a crucial step in adjusting energy usage patterns, ultimately saving money and energy consumption. 

High Measurement Accuracy
The Billion SG3030/SG3030S Series is capable of measuring very small power consumption up to 0.001kWh, allowing users to monitor every moment of energy loss. Its measurement accuracy is in the range of ± 1% (At PF=1.0, based on rated current).

Dry Contact for External Appliance Control
The Billion SG3030/SG3030S Series supports Normal Open (NO) and Normal Closed (NC) dry contact for co-working with external magnetic contactor to control load side for reduce peak demand.

Easy Installation
The Billion SG3030/SG3030S is a compact-sized smart power meter which can be used as a standalone unit. It allows you to measure the energy usage of electronic appliances anywhere in your building.
Connect Type
Left PIN Definitions
Right PIN Definitions
Watt-hour 1% (at PF=1.0, based on rated current)
Technical Details
Rated Voltage 77-520V
Rated Current Standard: 100A; Optional: 200A / 300A
Communication Interface ZigBee
Power Surge Protection & Relay No
Power Consumption 0.6W~1.0W