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  • RS-485 / ZigBee Converter
The RS-485 / ZigBee Converter can transform signal between wired RS-485 and wireless ZigBee. The converter applies to the field where either it’s difficult to pull the wire, or decoration/renovation is required. The SG90-SZ-O can reduce the wiring and maintenance cost which provides a flexible option for monitoring system installation and allocation.
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1. Bidirectional structure, signals can be transferred between ZigBee and RS-485.
2. Supports different communication baud rate.
3. No need to explain communication content and format, the signals will be fully converted and transmitted.
4. Waterproof design for outdoor applications.
5. Compact size and easy to install.
6. Wide power supply and low power consumption

Model Name SG90-SZ-O
Power supply FulltransZR : DC 12V
FulltransZC  : DC 24
Current/Power consumption 20mA < / 0.05W <
LED display Power Power Status
ZigBee ZigBee Connecting Status
Button ZigBee Join Button
3 Bit DIP switch Baud rate setting
Operating temperature. -40°C~+85°C
Weight 150 g
Dimension W x H x D (mm) 86 × 115.5 ×46

Class of Accuracy (kWh.W.V.A)
@ TA 0~40°C -
@ TA - 40~70°C -
Measure Display
Voltage -
Total Current -
Total Power -
Total KWh -
Each String Power -
Each String Current -
Technical Details
Rated Current -
Rated Voltage -
Settngs for no. & ID Baud rate setting
Comm. Interface ZigBee Connecting Status
Environment Temp -
SPD Detection -
Power Consumption 20mA < / 0.05W <
Working Temp 40°C~+85°C
Dimension WxHxD 86 × 115.5 ×46